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Naevus Of Ito

Learn more about this rare medical condition, the Naevus of Ito, which causes discolouration and pigmentation changes in the skin. By understanding more about the Naevus of Ito, you can take steps to manage the condition and improve your overall health.

Naevus of Ito is also known as "Nevus fuscoceruleus acromiodeltoideus". It is a similar pathologic process to Naevus of Ota in which unilateral pigmentation is located over the supraclavicular, deltoid, and scapular regions. Although a Naevus of Ito usually occurs as an isolated lesion, it may also be accompanied by a Naevus of Ota.

Laser treatment has proved to be the most effective treatment for the. complete removal of Naevus of. Ito.

At the VIP Laser Clinic Med Spa, a range of lasers are effectively being used to remove the Naevus of Ito. No pain. No side effects.

Laser Treatment
Of Naevus Of Ito

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Nevus of Ito often occurs in association with nevus of Ota in the same patient but is much less common, although the true incidence is unknown. From a pathophysiological standpoint, both nevus of Ota and Ito result from failed migration of melanocytes from the neural crest to basal layer of the epidermis.

Naevus of Ito

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