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Alma Lasers' Clear Skin is the first technology to combine a non-ablative laser with simultaneous contact cooling and vacuum technology to safely and effectively treat acne and acne vulgaris.

While many prescription and over-the-counter treatment options are available for acne, these do not usually work for most people.


When acne is particularly stubborn or severe, the latest and most advanced technology, the Clear Skin PRO, brings you the solution.

Just after treatment

The Er: Glass laser, combined with simultaneous cooling and vacuum technologies, effectively treats all forms of acne vulgaris, including papules, pustules, and nodules. At the same time, it also achieves a gentle rejuvenation effect, diminishing the appearance of acne scars by stimulating collagen growth.

The non-ablative Er: Glass 1540 nm laser deeply penetrates into the skin, causing thermal damage to destroy the P. acnes bacteria and reduce the sebum production by acting on the sebaceous glands while leaving the epidermis without any visible signs of laser action on it.

The revolutionary Clear Skin Pro laser treatment  provides you with amazing results within a few treatment sessions.


The "Clear Skin" tip sucks in the skin around the pustules, cooling the surface down simultaneously. Then the laser beam eliminates the pimples (pustules) within fractions of seconds without causing any pain or side effects. 


A treatment session for clearing away the pimples usually lasts around an hour and a half till two hours.


Results are readily visible as from the first treatment session. The skin regenerates rapidly after the treatment without leaving any scars. 

One week after treatment

Clear Skin PRO

The Clear Skin PRO laser deeply penetrates the skin causing a thermal effect that triggers a significant healing response in the dermis while leaving the epidermis intact.

The result is the formation of new dermis tissues and visibly younger-looking skin. There is no downtime. The healing power of laser light gives you a flawless skin just through a few treatment sessions.​  

The VIP Laser Clinic Med Spa is proud to offer you this specialised service, helping so many acne-stressed people around the world live an acne-free life.  


Clear Skin PRO helps you improve the quality of your life.

Clear Skin PRO

An Innovative Treatment For Acne & Acne Scars

For smooth, clear skin and renewed confidence

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