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Vitiligo is a form of leukoderma or loss of skin pigmentation. Vitiligo develops as white spots in the skin that vary in size and location. The spots occur when melanocytes are destroyed, and melanin can no longer be produced.


Severe trauma, such as burns, can also destroy pigment cells. Stretch marks, acne scars, and post-surgical and traumatic scars may also produce a similar loss of pigment.

Until recently, the only treatments available included UV phototherapy and topical or injected corticosteroids, which have demonstrated limited success.

Alma Lasers offers highly effective treatment for vitiligo based on advances in UVB technology. The UVB technology has an ultraviolet high-power targeted phototherapy module that uses spectral irradiance in the ultraviolet waveband to target and treat large and small areas while avoiding exposure to healthy skin. The UVB module produces short pulses of 270 - 380 nm light, which has been demonstrated to treat leukoderma, including vitiligo, successfully.

While most UV therapies require treatments that expose both the affected and healthy skin, Alma’s UVB technology helps treat only the affected areas, thus minimizing the risk of injury to the surrounding healthy regions and significantly reducing treatment time.

Key Advantages Of High-Power UVB Therapy: 

  • Faster treatment than PUVA or UVB light therapy.

  • UVB handpiece uses high-power spectral irradiance in the UVB and UVA wavebands.

  • Effective treatment for a chronic skin illness.

  • No need for topicals, creams or ointments with chemicals.

  • Reduces the number of sessions required to see positive results.



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