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MD, PhD, PhD,  DMSc

Doctor of Medical Sciences

CEO & Consultant Plastic & Reconstructive Laser Surgeon

VIP Laser Clinic Med Spa


Prof Dr Pretidev Ramdawon treats various skin and other disorders with the application of the most advanced laser treatment methods using the world-leading prestigious Alma Lasers. 

A World Pioneer In Laser Medicine And Surgery

This long list of commitments and involvements in various well-known international organizations demonstrate the achievements, multiple scientific & professional activities as well as responsibilities of Prof. Dr Pretidev Ramdawon.

Fellow, International Society of Surgeons
Member, Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh
​Member, World Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
Member, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
Professional Member, New York Academy of Sciences
Diplomate Member, American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine
Founding Member, International Academy for Laser Medicine & Surgery
Member, IMCAS Academy (International Master Course on Aging Science)
Member, World Society of Interdisciplinary Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine

Prof Dr Pretidev Ramdawon, MD, PhD, PhD, DMSc, has been officially registered with the Medical Council of Mauritius since 1990 as a General Medical Practitioner and since 1994 as a Specialist Medical Practitioner.


Prof Dr Pretidev Ramdawon has vast experience with over 37 years of practice in various fields of medicine, including general medicine, general surgery, cardiovascular & thoracic surgery, aesthetic, plastic & reconstructive surgery, laser medicine, laser surgery, information medicine, energy medicine, laser info-energetic medicine, electromagnetic field medicine and alternative medicine.


Prof Dr Pretidev Ramdawon is actually the founder, owner, CEO and plastic and reconstructive laser surgery consultant of the VIP Laser Clinic Med Spa in the Republic of Mauritius.

Prof. Dr Pretidev Ramdawon introduced medical and aesthetic lasers in Mauritius in 1994.

He created the first laser medical center in Mauritius and the Indian Ocean, the Center of Laser Energy Medicine, located at La Louise, Quatre Bornes. He introduced the first medical lasers ever in the

country for the treatment of a wide range of diseases from various fields, including cardio-vascular, broncho-pulmonary, gastro-enterological, neurological, urological, musculo-skeletal, dermatological, psycho-somatic and others.

In 1994, he also created the first laser aesthetic center in Mauritius, Gem Paradise, where he introduced laser aesthetic treatments.

In 2003, Prof Dr Pretidev Ramdawon was further motivated to create one of the most advanced medico-aesthetic centres called the International Center of Information Energy Medicine, shortly known as "The Laser Clinic" and located at Flic en Flac, one of the best island resorts.

Further evolution in due time brought to the creation of the latest medico-aesthetic center, known as the VIP Laser Clinic Med Spa, in 2012 at Regency Square, Van der Meersch St, Beau Bassin, under the expert guidance of Prof Dr Pretidev Ramdawon, who is a pioneer and a world leader in laser medicine and surgery.​

The success achieved at these laser centres is the result of natural evolution, patience, expert planning, and hard work in the ultra-modern management of medical and aesthetic problems.


This exceptional medical spa is the crystallization of the dreams and scientific aims of Prof Dr Pretidev Ramdawon. His vision was to bring together advances in laser medicine and surgery, aesthetic medicine and surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery, cosmetic dermatology, and general medicine to offer advanced, exclusive, and highly qualified medico-aesthetic services.

Keynote Speaker
At International Conferences & Congresses

Prof. Dr Pretidev Ramdawon is a keynote speaker at international conferences and congresses on laser medicine & surgery, information medicine, as well as aesthetic medicine & surgery.

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