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Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal

A tattoo may have seemed to be a good idea at some time, but now if you want to get rid of it because you don't want it anymore or you want to change to some new tattoo designs, you need to remove it first.

The VIP Laser Clinic Med Spa provides the latest laser tattoo removal technologies, Harmony XL Pro, Alma Lasers for removing all kinds of tattoos  without any side effects.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Several treatment sessions are required for the complete removal of a tattoo. In some cases, a minimum of three may be sufficient. In other cases, it may need five to ten treatment sessions. 


The number of treatment sessions varies for each tattoo as it depends on the chemical composition of the inks of a specific tattoo, its colour, and density.

After following eight laser treatment sessions at the VIP Laser Clinic Med Spa, I am very satisfied by the service provided by Prof Dr Pretidev Ramdawon and his team. The service is excellent and the staff has been very friendly and helpful during my treatment here. I wish Dr Ramdawon and his staff best of luck and plenty of success in their future endeavours.

Gyannee S.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Black tattoos are normally easily removed by laser treatment. However, some colours are more resistant to laser treatment, such as white, yellow, orange, red and green tattoos containing fluorescent or acrylic dyes.​​

The number of treatment sessions for complete tattoo removal can't be determined before treatment.

To ensure rapid tattoo removal, an interval of one month is recommended in between the treatment sessions. 

Laser tattoo removal is carried out under local anaesthesia to make the treatment painless for you. ​

No pain killers are needed after treatment though in the first few days following treatment, one might feel some discomfort. 

Please note that the cost of a laser tattoo removal session depends on the tattoo's size and colour(s).​

The larger the tattoo's surface area, the higher the price.​

The treatment cost depends on the number of tattoos as well.

Therefore, the best way to get the exact treatment price in your case would be to book a consultation with our medical consultant who will check your tattoo, and give you all the treatment details, advices and precautions as well as cost.

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