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Laser Treatment
Of Dark Eye Circles

Get the best solution for dark eye circles and eye bags at VIP Laser Clinic Med Spa.


We provide top-notch aesthetic medicine treatments with industry gold-standard equipment, and our experienced practitioners will help you get the results you’re looking for.

Laser treatment for dark eye circles is one of the most popular and effective treatments available today.

This ultimate guide to laser treatment for dark eye circles will walk you through the basics of what to expect and how to make it work for you.

From understanding the procedure and the potential risks to finding the right provider and preparing for the treatment, this guide will provide the information you need to make an informed decision. Let’s get started!

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Laser Treatment For Dark Eye Circles


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How Does Laser Treatment Work

For Dark Eye Circles?

The laser’s concentrated light energy targets the melanin pigment in the skin to destroy it. The light is absorbed by the pigmentation, turning it into carbon which is cleared away by your body’s metabolic systems.

The blood vessels are responsible for causing a bluish or blackish appearance under your eyes, thus causing dark eye circles. By reducing the number of blood vessels in that area, laser treatment for dark eye circles can help reduce dark circles.


Most lasers used in destroying melanin in hyperpigmented lesions also target the haemoglobin in blood vessels. Once the laser light is concentrated in the haemoglobin, the blood vessels become heated and start to shrink, thus reducing the appearance of the veins that cause dark eye shades.

Laser Treatment  Is Effective, Safe & Painless

Dark eye circles can effectively be treated with advanced laser technologies, such as Clear Lift, Clear Skin and iPixel from Alma Lasers.

Laser treatment is absolutely safe for the eyes, for the eyeballs are fully protected by top-quality intra-ocular eye shields made in the USA.


Laser treatment is effective, safe and painless and provides rapid lightening of dark eye circles. 


There is no downtime after Clear Lift, Clear Skin, or iPixel laser treatment.

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