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Laser Treatment Of Hyperpigmentation

Clear Lift

Your skin has darkened due to the overproduction of melanin in the skin upon the prolonged action of natural factors, such as sunlight, hormonal disbalance, and the ageing process.


At the VIP Laser Clinic Med Spa, we provide you effective skin lightening by using the latest treatment protocols with the application of the latest, high-tech laser technologies from one of the world-leading laser companies, Alma Lasers.

The wide experience and top expertise of our treating doctor and the elaborate know-how of laser applications are crucial in giving you the best treatment results.  

Thus, we assure you of highly professional and quality treatment. As from your first treatment session, the skin of your whole face or any other treated body area starts rapidly getting fairer.


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Acquire Naturally Fair Skin
With The Use Of The Most Advanced Laser Technologies
From Alma Lasers
"Clear Lift"

The light energy from the laser systems targets the melanin in the pigmented lesion, which absorbs the light, heats up and is eliminated from your skin in the following two possible ways:

  • Part of the melanin is broken down by the action of the intense laser light into microscopic particles and is evacuated via the body's natural defence, circulation, and excretory systems.

Clear Lift
Clears The Melanin In the Skin

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Clear Lift
Clears The Melanin In the Skin

  • Due to the action of the laser light, the other part of the melanin initially turns darker and forms a micro-crust in the form of a thin dark layer on the skin. Then, over a period of normally 3 to 7 days, rarely up to two weeks or more, the crusts will flake, shed off or just disappear, leaving little or no trace of the original hyperpigmented lesion. You only need to be patient and bear with the changes occurring in your skin and strictly follow your treating doctor's advice until your skin gets renewed, refreshed and fairer.

Laser treatment for skin lightening gives a normal and naturally fair skin, thus restoring your healthy and fresh-looking skin. This treatment also produces an approximately 40% increase in collagen, reducing fine lines and replenishing moisture loss.


In general, you normally need a course of an average of two to five sessions of laser skin lightening. Some very dark skins may demand more laser treatments. Each laser skin lightening treatment session is administered at an interval of two to four weeks in order to obtain the desired results. 

Clear Lift
Laser Treatment
For Hyperpigmentation

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