Non-Invasive Laser Treatment Of Spider & Varicose Veins

Varicose veins can be treated by three major methods, namely:

  1. The surgical method known as Vein Stripping;

  2. The injection method known as Sclerotherapy. whereby sclerosants are injected into the veins to cause their sealing;

  3. The two laser methods:

    1. The  interventional laser method known as Endovascular Laser Treatment (EVLT);

    2. The non-surgical and non-interventional laser method known as Long Pulse Nd YAG Laser Treatment (LPLT) Of Varicose Veins & Spider Veins.

Today, spider veins as well as varicose veins can be successfully treated with the help of lasers, which use an intense beam of light focused to heat up and seal the veins, hence returning the latter back to normal and helping get rid of problematic veins. 

The drawbacks of traditional treatment methods of varicose veins: 

  1. Surgery is always accompanied by trauma, whereby incisions of 2-4 cm are made on two/three spots on each limb, thus leaving life- long  scars. The patient also undergoes severe psycho-emotional stress due to fear, anxiety, insecurity, etc. before, during and after the surgical intervention. Furthermore, patient needs to be hospitalized for surgery. 

  2. Sclerotherapy, being an injection treatment, may not be suitable to patients due to fear of injections (pain), irritation or allergic reaction caused by the chemical sclerosant inside the veins and skin, pregnancy and other medical contra-indications.   

Advantages of laser treatment method over other methods:

  1. Endovascular Laser Treatment (EVLT) of varicose veins is non-surgical and minimally invasive as the treatment is performed through injections and insertion of the laser optic fiber into the veins under local anaesthesia. No chemicals are injected , hence avoiding the risk of irritation or any allergic reaction. Further, no general anaesthesia is needed, hence avoiding its complications on the human body, such as memory loss, etc. 

  2. Long Pulse Nd YAG Laser Treatment of varicose veins is a non-surgical & non-interventional procedure, thus being more beneficial in comparison to all other treatment methods in the following ways:

    1. No surgery​

    2. No injections

    3. No pain

    4. No stress due to surgery, injections or pain.

    5. No incisions, hence no scars.

    6. Provides the possibility of treating all types of veins - spider veins, reticular veins and advanced forms of varicose veins. 

    7. No risk of complications as compared to surgical vein stripping or sclerotherapy. 

    8. No need for hospitalization.

    9. Treatment is ambulatory (outpatient treatment).

Alma Lasers' Leading Technology

Helps You Get Rid Of Varicose Veins 

Without Any Surgery Or Intervention

  • Alma Lasers' vascular treatments offer effective & non-invasive solutions that close the spider and varicose veins, and reduce or eliminate their appearance. 

  • A variety of technologies are used to target the affected blood vessels beneath the skin, leaving you with smooth, clear skin and renewed confidence.
  • The treatments are safe and effective and provide reliable long term results.