sAcne Laser Treatment Of Acne Pimples

You have tried a lot of treatment methods to get rid of your acne pimples.

Among those were:

  1. the use of antibiotics.

  2. the application of various aesthetic products.

  3. the intake of isotretinoin (accutane, roaccutane, oratane, acnetane or acnetret).


 long-term results.,. 

Antibiotics may at times give a temporary remission but no long-term results. 


The application of various aesthetic products has proved to be uneffective as a monotherapy as their actions are restricted due to their limited degree of penetration into the epidermis.


The intake of isotretinoin (roaccutane) for acne vulgaris is not a safe treatment as it is associated with a series of serious side-effects.

The best way to make your acne pimples disappear is definitely with the help of the latest technology from Alma Lasers, known as sAcne. 

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