Aesthetic Laser Medicine

Our lasers are FDA-cleared for all the clinical conditions we treat and don't cause side effects, including cancer.

Laser treatments don't cause any skin damage with time. People only get naturally older with time.


Lasers are actively being used on people for skin repair, regeneration, lifting, reconstruction, restoration, normalization, and rejuvenation.


Lasers are also being successfully used to remove all types of scars, birthmarks, and abnormal skin growths - skin tags, naevi (moles), xanthelasmas, syringomas, and melanomas. 

Our consultant plastic and reconstructive laser surgeon, Prof. Dr Pretidev Ramdawon, MD, PhD, PhD, DSc, Associate Professor of Medicine, performs all the laser treatments. 

Prof. P. Ramdawon is a Founding Member of the International Academy of Laser Medicine & Surgery and a Diplomate of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. He is a world pioneer in laser medicine & surgery, having practical experience with all types of surgical and therapeutical laser treatments for more than 35 years.


Well-trained and amiable female assistants assist the doctor. Our expert team provides you with top-level professionalism, cleanliness, comfort, and satisfaction together with excellent results.